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I don't want to... be all alone again... I want to become stronger... so that I can protect Mr Eiden and the others...
— Yakumo
Biographical information
Birthday8 December (appearance age 22)
OriginKlein Continent
TerritoryLight Territory
General information
Release date24 February 2022
Voice actorManaka Sawa (佐和真中)
In other languages
Traditional Chinese八雲 (Bāyún)
Simplified Chinese八云 (Bāyún)
Japanese八雲 (Yakumo)
Korean야쿠모 (Yakumo)

Yakumo (Chinese: 八雲 Bāyún) is a character in NU: carnival. He is introduced in Chapter 2.


Descended from the famous Great Serpent of legend, Yakumo has inherited a vast amount of power. When he was a child, he was found by an elderly couple who brought him back to their village and raised him as their own. Kindhearted and polite, he lives a cautious life, ever fearful of the huge power he possesses going out of control. If Yakumo gets angry, you better run.[1]


Yakumo is a serpent spirit born in the Wood Territory. After transforming into human form as a child, he was adopted by an elderly couple from a local farming village. Naturally endowed with incredible power, he's ever fearful of going berserk and causing great harm. Despite his constant fears, he's a loyal friend and always strives to be of aid to his allies.

During times of peace, Yakumo is able to convince himself that he's just a regular human. However, he suffers from nightmares. Nightmares in which he hurts the ones he loves. But then, on one fateful day, he encounters a man named Eiden...[2]


Main Story[edit]

Chapter 2[edit]

The Royal Knights harass Yakumo and his fellow villagers. One knight pushes over Yakumo's grandfather, which makes him go berserk. He calms down with some intervention by Eiden, Morvay, and Aster, but is ashamed of his behavior and runs away. After calming down, Yakumo and Eiden discuss Yakumo's origins. Their two gemstones resonate, and they have sex. Afterwards, Yakumo leaves his village to move into Aster's mansion.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Yakumo is 182cm tall, has brown hair with orange underneath, and orange eyes of the same color with slitted pupils. His Obsidian Gemstone is on his left ear.

His special skills include cooking and housework. He likes Eiden and his family.[3]


Yakumo can go into a berserk state where he is covered in dark mist and his essence strengthens.[4]


ID Name Rarity Type Class Character Image
Timid Youth Yakumo
N Light Healer Yakumo
Model Citizen Yakumo
R Wood Healer Yakumo
Shadow Serpent Yakumo
SR Fire Healer Yakumo
Homecoming Yakumo
SSR Fire Striker Yakumo
Cocoa Liqueur Yakumo
SSR Dark Striker Yakumo
Ocean Breeze Yakumo
SSR Wood Support Yakumo
Crimson Phantom Yakumo
SSR Fire Guardian Yakumo
Dark Nova Yakumo
SSR Wood Striker Yakumo
Shadow Lineage Yakumo
SSR Wood Striker Yakumo
Fateful Aegis Yakumo
SSR Water Striker Yakumo


Yakumo's room
Yakumo's room
at Aster's mansion
Type Item name
Basic Cooking Knives
Intermediate Spices
Advanced Klein Cookbook


The following is a list of default interaction and home quotes for the character. SR and SSR allies may have additional quotes. Along with contract and battle quotes, they are being listed on each ally page.

Type Quote(s)
Interaction on head Erm... are you praising me?
Interaction on torso
  • Ah... p-please don't... touch me like that...
  • W-Wah!
Interaction on limbs
  • I need to become stronger... so I can protect the ones I love...
  • I miss my grandparents... I hope I can visit them again soon...
  • I'll work hard to make today's dishes even tastier than yesterday's!
  • Whenever I see Mr Eiden, my face gets so red... It's so embarrassing... I-I need to overcome this unruly habit!
  • Mr Eiden, your hands… they're so warm…
Home greetings
  • E-Erm…
  • H-Hello!
Home dialogues
Mr Eiden, my grandparents asked me when I'd be bringing you around for dinner... Erm, if it sounds too inconvenient, I'll find a way to refuse their invitation!
No need to do that. In fact, how about we go today? On the way, I can check if anyone in the village needs any help~ We're all one big family, after all.
F-Family!? Then... maybe you'd like to stay the night? After dinner, you can sleep with me in my room, and in the morning, we'll get up together...
Your face is turning super red... Ah, picturing something pretty spicy, huh? So cute~ I'm more than happy to help you make it a reality, Yakumo ♡

Spent the whole night at my desk—my shoulders are killing me... Yakumo, mind giving me a quick massage? Ah~ Ooooh yeah, just like that~
Mr Eiden, you must be exhausted. Your shoulders are so tense... How does this feel?
Aaaah, so deep... amazing... don't stop, Yakumo...
Eh!? M-M-Mr Eiden... erm... your voice is starting to sound a little strange! Ooh... if you keep making noises like that, I'll...
Eiden's birthday Mr Eiden... erm... P-Please accept this gift...! I made it especially for you...
  • Sometimes, I think to myself how happy I am that I was the first clan member Mr Eiden met... These selfish thoughts are a secret I keep to myself. But in the future, I want to keep creating many more firsts with Mr Eiden.
  • Since joining Mr Eiden, I've met so many wonderful people and visited so many new places... First encountering my grandparents, then Mr Eiden, I think I've used up all my good luck for this lifetime. But I wouldn't change a thing.


  • Before meeting Aster, Yakumo believed that vampires bathed in blood, turned people into zombies, and kidnapped young girls. [5]
  • He's good at all sorts of dishes, especially savoury foods.
  • Because of his grandparents' influence, he rarely eats sweets and can't grasp the seasoning amount.
    • After meeting Eiden, he has begun to research sweets recipes.
  • Yakumo's sensitive area is his tongue.
  • Yakumo's favourite place in Aster's mansion is the kitchen (for cooking).
  • Aside from the traditional snake yokai attire, his clothes are almost entirely bought by his grandparents.


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