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Storage screen

Storage is a feature in NU: carnival where players can find most of their items. This feature is accessible from hamburger menu on the home screen. However, there are other items, like Currencies, Essence Fragments, or Theme, that cannot be found in Storage.


There are four tabs in Storage. These include: All, Consumables, Intimacy, and Materials.

The All tab displays items from Materials, Intimacy, and Consumables tabs consecutively, and followed by uncategorized items that cannot be found on other tabs.
The Consumables tab displays items that are consumed upon use on various feature of the game, but not related to bond, ascension, and potential, e.g. Holy Water, Essence Contracts, etc. Some of the consumables have expiration date. In the resources, they have 20-29 as the ID prefix.
The Intimacy tab displays intimacy-related items, e.g. Self Portrait, etc. These include: Gifts for increasing the intimacy meter, and Keys for unlocking the intimacy rooms. However, items that can restore Intimacy Points are listed under Consumables tab. In the resources, they have 35-36 as the ID prefix.
The Materials tab displays items mostly used for unlocking potential, e.g. Talon, Pine Logs, etc; and Crystal Core that can be used for ascension. Players can use alchemy to turn low-grade materials for unlocking potential into the high-grade ones in the Workshop. In the resources, they have 30-31 as the ID prefix.
Items backgrounds

On each tab (except All), items listed is ordered by rarities, from SSR to N:

  • SSR items that have rainbow background
  • SR items that have yellow background
  • R items that have purple background
  • N items that have grey background

Uncategorized items[edit]

The following items can be displayed from All tab only. In the resources, they have 40-49 as the ID prefix.

ID Image Name Description Rarity Tab How to obtain  i 
Banquet Fare
Just who spiked the delicacies on offer at the Ancient Banquet? Further investigation is required if the evildoer is to be brought to justice... SR - Event Rewards (Mystical Banquet)
Foxtail Pollen
Possessing strong hallucinogenic properties due to a certain fox yokai, inhale too much of this stuff and you won't be long for this world. Visibly indistinguishable from regular foxtail pollen despite its mystical nature. SR - Event Rewards (Mystical Banquet)
Claw Marks
Left by Karu in pursuit of a suspicious figure. Just looking at them stings... SR - Event Rewards (Mystical Banquet)
A common flower seen throughout the forest. Named for its distinctive shape. SR - Event Rewards (Mystical Banquet)
Bling Mic
Encrusted with jewels, these flashy microphones are used by all the idols at Idol Fest. Add a little magic to reverberate your song into the hearts of all who hear it! SR - Event Rewards (Idol Fest)
Fruit Porridge
A specially prepared breakfast treat from master chef, Yakumo. Brightly colored, its mild flavor makes it easy on the stomach. SR - Event Rewards (Idol Fest)
The Idol Prince
A classic novel detailing the epic journey of the Idol Prince. A big fan, Blade decided to base his idol persona on the story's titular character. SR - Event Rewards (Idol Fest)
Cloud on a Stick
A special kind of cotton candy sold at the many Idol Fest snack stands. Named for its delectably light and fluffy texture. SR - Event Rewards (Idol Fest)
Moon Balls
Soft, sticky dumplings colored in both blue and red and piled upon fresh leaves. Their sweet taste makes them a favorite of the younger tribe members. A unique treat enjoyed during the double eclipse. SR - Event Rewards (Astral Duo)
Lunar Cakes
Round yellow cakes with a red-purple filling. Packed with unique forest flavors, one bite is more than enough to dazzle the taste buds. A unique treat enjoyed during the double eclipse. SR - Event Rewards (Astral Duo)
Moon Flower Fruit
Attractive to the eye and delicious on the tongue, this peculiar fruit resembles a flower in bloom. The peel is often used to make ornaments and even protects against monsters. A unique treat enjoyed during the double eclipse. SR - Event Rewards (Astral Duo)
Pampo Candy
With a rich texture and refreshing tang, each piece contains the concentrated flavor of several fresh pampos. Given to children dressed as "Monster Fighters" as a tasty prize. SR - Event Rewards (Eerie Escapade)
Veil Basket
Mount Veil is home to a great many lesser-known species of flower, many of which possess magical properties. Their petals are gathered to make fragrance sachets, often used as flavorings in teas and medicines. Every now and then, in the wicker baskets full of petals, you might even happen upon a shining silver feather... SR - Event Rewards (Silver Miracle)
Divine Chocolate
A heartfelt gift from a special someone, its white exterior represents undying emotion—sure to add a warm layer of deep mutual affection to any relationship. SR - Event Rewards (White Storm (rerun))
Lust Vessel
Packed with zest and highly-concentrated essence, a few innovative tweaks by Eiden mean it now refreshes the mind and invigorates the soul... SR - Event Rewards (Zest for Life (rerun))
A Comprehensive History of Magic
Used as a textbook at the Sorcerer's Trials, its pages contain records of the history and origins of essence and the art of magic. Notorious for its complexity, an experienced professor is usually required to guide students through the material contained within. SR - Event Rewards (Chimes of Darkness)
Ritual Dagger
Used by members of the Disciples of the True God of Klein during ritual sacrifices to cut through the flesh and blood of monsters. Forged from pure silver, their blades are engraved with mysterious incantations. SR - Event Rewards (Chimes of Darkness)
Smart Glasses
No matter who wears them, everyone is guaranteed to look sharp and sophisticated in a pair of these delightful spectacles! Available in a range of styles, choose whichever pair takes your fancy. SR - Event Rewards (Chimes of Darkness)
Jade Fruit Wine
Said to be a favorite of the yokai, not only for its exquisitely smooth taste, but also for its ability to liven up the party. SR - Event Rewards (Mystical Banquet (rerun))
Birthday Cupcake
Despite being labeled a cupcake, it's big—about the size of a wild boar's head. Topped with raisins arranged in the shape of a smiling face, one look is enough to warm anyone's heart. SR - Event Rewards (Klein Star (rerun))
Specialty Skewers
The carefully sliced meat is marinated in a sweet and sour sauce, then grilled to medium-rare and sprinkled with signature local spices, allowing the distinctive flavors to mingle with the charcoal smoke and penetrate the juices. Highly addictive! SR - Event Rewards (Sunburst Fever)
Musical Instruments
Soothing melodies and moving dances dedicated to those about to embark on exciting adventures—a token of our sincerest wishes. SR - Event Rewards (Sunburst Fever)
Cooling Fan
Portable and stylish, take it with you wherever you go and keep cool in the intense summer heat. SR - Event Rewards (Idol Fest (rerun))
Playing Cards
Aster's casinos offer two games: Old Maid and Blackjack. And despite the anything-goes atmosphere inside, once the cards are dealt, everyone has a grand old time! SR - Event Rewards (Gambler's Paradise)
Casino Chips
How much you bet is up to you, but whether you win or lose... only Lady Luck can decide! SR - Event Rewards (Gambler's Paradise)
Eye of a One-Eyed Bat
Cheaters beware! With one of these special recording devices installed at every table, you'll have to step up your game if you want to avoid the bat's watchful eye. SR - Event Rewards (Gambler's Paradise)
Celebratory Popper
Derived from Enchanted Popper, the peripheral merchandise allows players who achieve victory in the vendor's games to receive exuberant celebrations from the owner, creating a joyous atmosphere that everyone around can share together. SR - Event Rewards (Chase the Rainbow (rerun))
Mind Fragments
Gather enough of these mysterious fragments, and you might just catch a glimpse of the Great Serpent's long-lost memories... SR - Event Rewards (Misty Vale)
Obscure Fossil
Among the Time Fossils collected by members of the tribe, fossils of rare and distinctive colors can occasionally be found. Add one of these rare specimens to your ensemble and you're sure to be the talk of the town! SR - Event Rewards (Rusted Nation)
Penalty Record
Issued exclusively by institutions for the study of noble etiquette, these reports contain records of each student's penalties. It is a deeply engrained memory shared by many nobles of all the mistakes and growth made in the pursuit of excellence. SR - Event Rewards (Blood Secret)
Brave Heart
Polished through the many challenges encountered while adventuring; courageous and stalwart, steady and unmoving, this is the glory of those who take risks. SR - Event Rewards (Frozen Echoes)
Blessed Melody
A melody that can resonate with elemental spirits. People with strong essence can hear the echo of the elemental spirits and even see the special light curtain they form. SR - Event Rewards (Frozen Echoes)
Mini Holy Ark Decoration
Every year during Kleinmas, many people will also put small Holy Arks in their own homes. Some people even make scale models as decorations, going all out to paint them or change their style around. SR - Event Rewards (Frozen Echoes)
Tattered Notebook
A notebook from Eiden's world. It seems to tell the story of a corporate drone at a sex toy company who traveled to another world where he became the Demon King. SR - Event Rewards (Journey to a NU ☆ World)
Spicy Winter Soup
During the cold season, making a spicy variation of the warming winter soup isn't a bad idea at all. Aside from offering a different taste, it can make you feel even warmer. SR - Event Rewards (Journey to a NU ☆ World)
Green Illusion Fragment
Green paper scattered about the illusion. The fragmentary text seems to make up some sort of concealed whole. SR - Event Rewards (Fanciful Capriccio)
Red Illusion Fragment
Red paper scattered about the illusion. The fragmentary text seems to make up some sort of concealed whole. SR - Event Rewards (Fanciful Capriccio)
Purple Illusion Fragment
Purple paper scattered about the illusion. The fragmentary text seems to make up some sort of concealed whole. SR - Event Rewards (Fanciful Capriccio)
Silver Illusion Fragment
Silver paper scattered about the illusion. The fragmentary text seems to make up some sort of concealed whole. SR - Event Rewards (Fanciful Capriccio)
Mysterious Stuffed Animal
An unknown animal that often appears in the dream. A quick sketch of its peculiar form was used to make a stuffed animal. SR - Event Rewards (Fanciful Capriccio)
Tea Party Bouquet
Sought after by both humans and yokai, this bouquet is used to spruce up tea parties. The bouquet is designed with a pastel color scheme to give the tea party an air of spring. SR - Event Rewards (Forest Carnival (rerun))
Playing Darts
An item used by patrons of the desert town tavern to play games. Usually, the darts are thrown from a distance, hitting a liquor bottle means victory. SR - Event Rewards (Desert of Dusk)
Glass Goblet
An item used by patrons of the desert town tavern to play games. A mark is drawn on a wet and slippery table. The goblet is then pushed from one end of the table. The person whose goblet is closest to the mark is the winner. SR - Event Rewards (Desert of Dusk)
Playing Knives
An item used by patrons of the desert town to play games. One person is tied to a wheel that can turn, and as the wheels is turning, another person will throw the knives. The tense excitement makes it impossible for people to look away. SR - Event Rewards (Desert of Dusk)
Tattered Page Corner
The torn corner of a page from some mysterious book, written in an indecipherable foreign script. The old page exudes an air of grief. SR - Event Rewards (Army x Blood x Oath (rerun))
Frosted Cookie
A specially made dessert that oozes a delectably sweet aroma. But underneath the delicate and delicious exterior there seem to be ingredients that cause suffering...? SR - Event Rewards (Prison · Riot · Revolt)
Mini Magic Bombs
A special magical tool. The differently-colored magic bombs have different effects. The red ones can cause a huge noise and the white ones can release thick smoke. All you need to do is smash them on the ground. SR - Event Rewards (Prison · Riot · Revolt)
Carpentry Diagram
A diagram consulted by prisoners of Crow Prison when they're engaged in carpentry. The diagram shows a complex and beautiful pattern. The form and design of the finished product appears to be of an exquisite hanger. SR - Event Rewards (Prison · Riot · Revolt)
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