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Stats govern the battle in NU: carnival which affect how powerful players allies and enemies will be. Stats can be grouped into 2 categories: Basic and Hidden. Each ally stats can be increased by raising them through bond, level up, ascension, and potential.

Basic stats[edit]

Basic Stats are stats that players can easily increase by any methods of raising allies. They are also visible in Allies and Galleria menu in-game. These include HP, ATK, and BP.

Health or Health Points, abbreviated in-game as HP, is the amount of damage an ally is able to take before being Dead.
Attack, abbreviated in-game as ATK, is used to calculate how much damage an ally does.
Battle Power
Battle Power, sometimes abbreviated as BP, is a measure of how powerful an ally will be. Sum of Battle Power from each ally in a team is called Power Level. Battle Power calculation is as follows.

where BP = Battle Power, HP = Health, and ATK = Attack.

Hidden stats[edit]

Hidden Stats are stats that players can only increase by unlocking certain skills. They are not visible in Allies and Galleria menu in-game, but used in calculations during battle. These include recovery rate and immunity.

Recovery rate
Recovery rate is used to calculate how much an ally can regenerate Health. Skills like Recovery+, Devoted Heart can increase this stat.
Immunity is used to calculate how likely an ally inflicted with status effects. Full Potential Skill can increase this stat.

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