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I can see your movements clear as day.
— Rei
Biographical information
Birthday11 July (appearance age 24)
OriginKlein Continent
TerritoryWater Territory
General information
Voice actorGirigi Lee (切木Lee)
In other languages
Traditional Chinese歛 (Liàn)
Simplified Chinese敛 (Liàn)
Japaneseレイ (Rei)
Korean레이 (Lei)

Rei (Chinese: Liàn) is a character in NU: carnival.


Appearing as if out of nowhere, this particular clan member has traveled far and wide, picking up a great deal of knowledge along the way. Regularly accompanied by a boreal owl known only as "Father", he marches to the beat of his own drum. He will use any means, good or bad, to achieve his goals, all the while maintaining his own set of beliefs and convictions. For reasons unknown, his essence has a tendency to go haywire, occasionally leaving him in a state of excruciating pain.[1]


Appearance and personality[edit]

Rei is 180cm tall. He has ashen grey hair of which the underside is dark grey as well as a single big strand at the center of his bangs. Additionally, he has a few light grey strands on the sides that are usually combed back and he has small light green eyes with slitted pupils that dilate when he's excited. His Spinel Gemstone is on his right ear. He has a slit in his left eyebrow and a total of four known beauty marks, the most notable ones being on the right side below his mouth and the underside of his right pec. The remaining two are in more intimate places and therefore usually remain hidden. The complexion of his skin is unusually light in comparison to that of other characters.

Rei has a very curious mind, making him willing to go to great lengths - sometimes even dangerous and harmful ones - to satisfy his desire for knowledge. He's extremely intelligent and usually knows the answer to whatever question he's confronted with. When he doesn't, he either comes up with the solution on the spot, or immediately starts investigating, gaining the needed information in a matter of days. His living space tends to appear extremely messy, but according to him, everything has its place and is in perfect order. Because of this, he gets upset when someone moves his belongings. He is very honest and blunt about what he thinks and puts his research about essence and gemstones above almost everything.


ID Name Rarity Type Class Character Image
Outlaw Rei
N Fire Saboteur Rei
Histologist Rei
R Water Saboteur Rei
Gemstone Expert Rei
SR Dark Saboteur Rei
Midnight Owl Rei
SSR Dark Striker Rei
Rainy Rebirth Rei
SSR Light Guardian Rei
Truth Seeker Rei
SSR Water Striker Rei
Unfulfilled Dream Rei
SSR Wood Saboteur Rei


Rei's Hidden Cabin
Type Item name
Basic Ore Lantern
Intermediate Dreamcatcher
Advanced Music Box


The following is a list of default interaction and home quotes for the character. SR and SSR allies may have additional quotes. Along with contract and battle quotes, they are being listed on each ally page.

Type Quote(s)
Interaction on head … Enjoy messing up my hair, huh? Father, fetch me a hair tie.
Interaction on torso
  • If you want to touch, don’t hold back. If you can make me feel good… I might just tell you what you want to know.
  • What do you think you’re touching? Go somewhere else if you’re horny. Can’t you see i’m in the middle of an experiment.
Interaction on limbs
  • Humans still have a limited understanding of the workings behind essence… Seeing them sit on their backsides and pray to the Grand Sorcerer to save the world is pitiful.
  • Once the solution starts to boil, add the gemstone powder and stir. Next, add your essence… Damn, looks like it’s about to explode.
  • These samples aren’t enough… How can I make him react to essence in new and intriguing ways?
  • About my “episodes”… Well, I’m used to them by now. They look painful? Spare me your musings. This is the price of living.
  • You can play “Grand Sorcerer” to your heart’s desire. I don’t care how you and your “clan members” choose to maintain the alters… but don’t get in the way of my research.
Home greetings
  • Father.
  • *whistle*~
Home dialogues
Your neon gemstone is stable, but as for your clan members, their levels of control over their gemstones are varied to say the least.
... I know you mean well, but... could you maybe lay off on the "experiments" a little?
Hah, I'm just sharing what I've learnt. It's your choice whether to listen or not. Don't come running to me when problems develop down the line.
Hey, look, I'm really grateful... but before you whip out your chisel again, just let me say this... everyone's scared as hell!

Rei... looking to do another experiment, huh? Every time you appear out of nowhere like that, it gives me the creeps...
That's all it takes to give you the creeps? Pathetic. I have an experiment you can help with. Hurry up and strip.
This material... Leather? Since when did your experimental tools get so kinky!?
Who said it's an experimental tool? That's just to spice things up a little. That thing of yours down there— that's the real experimental tool.
Eiden's birthday A birthday present? Hah, fine. I don't have anything to give you, but I'll play with you in any way you like.
Anniversary This year really flew by... Since our first meeting, I have to admit he's helped me with quite a few important experiments. In that regard, I have to say I'm glad to have met him.


  • Rei does not have a fixed home, he moves regularly.
    • The room in the Water Territory is just one of his hiding places, it used to be an abandoned house.
  • During experiments, Rei will only eat if he remembers. If Father is there, he will remind Rei to eat.
  • Rei's sensitive areas are his moles.
  • Rei's favourite place in Aster's mansion are places to put collectables.
  • Rei's has no clothing preference, he prioritizes ease of movement.


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