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...It would have been much less troublesome if you'd have just gone home.
— Quincy
Biographical information
Birthday14 September (appearance age 32)
OriginKlein Continent
TerritoryWood Territory
General information
Release date24 February 2022
Voice actorOshima Tetsu (大島哲)
In other languages
Traditional Chinese崑西 (Kūn xī)
Simplified Chinese昆西 (Kūn xī)
Japaneseケシー (Keshii)
Korean케시 (Keshi)

Quincy (Chinese: 崑西 Kūn xī) is a character in NU: carnival. He is introduced in Chapter 5.


Possessing a huge amount of essence, Quincy has been marked as a dangerous existence by the forest tribes. He lives in solitude out in the wilderness, with only the little, furry pet on his shoulder to keep him company. Not one for conversation, he hates being troubled and spends far more time sleeping than the average person.[1]


One of Huey's oldest clan members, Quincy has lived in the forests of the Wood Territory for decades. Possessing a huge amount of essence, the people of the forest see him as a taboo existence due to his unchanging appearance over the years.

Accustomed to life alone, and not one for conversation, Quincy hates nothing more than being troubled with trivial matters. His silence is often mistaken as a sign of anger or irritation, but he's used to it. At least he's got his furry companion for company!

Quincy feels a special attraction to Eiden and his unique level of vitality. Despite dismissing him as troublesome at first, Quincy warms to Eiden after spending more time together, and soon even begins to show his softer side...[2]

Appearance and personality[edit]

Quincy is 190cm tall, making him the tallest character so far. He has messy blond hair that Topper is known to hide food crumbs into and amber-colored eyes. His Topaz Gemstone is on top of his right hand. He's covered in muscles, has dark circles under his eyes, and is said to have countless scars, although they're not visible to the eye.

Quincy is notorious for being constantly tired despite having a seemingly endless amount of stamina and is quick to view things as troublesome. He's a man of few words, has a bad habit of jumping to conclusions, but is a very good listener. He's capable of understanding those he's close with even without words, correctly interpreting their intentions on the spot. He's pragmatic and has a rather stoic exterior, but is very protective and gentle by nature. He puts a lot of importance into the concept of meaning, honors the local tribe's traditions to this very day, and has an unmatched respect for the forest. He's also very practical, preferring to do things by hand rather than using magic.

Quincy's special skills include wilderness survival and building traps. He likes sleep and plants.[3]


ID Name Rarity Type Class Character Image
Outcast Quincy
N Light Striker Quincy
Hermit Quincy
R Water Striker Quincy
Forest Guardian Quincy
SR Wood Striker Quincy
Smoked Timber Quincy
SR Water Saboteur Quincy
Ancient Ceremony Quincy
SSR Wood Striker Quincy
Buckeye Miracle Quincy
SSR Wood Guardian Quincy
Distant Promise Quincy
SSR Dark Striker Quincy
Arctic Warden Quincy
SSR Light Striker Quincy
Blossoming Legend Quincy
SSR Water Healer Quincy
Snow Patrol Quincy
SSR Fire Support Quincy


Quincy's room
Quincy's room
at Aster's mansion
Type Item name
Basic Crude Trap
Intermediate Comfy Pillow
Advanced Vine Fruit


The following is a list of default interaction and home quotes for the character. SR and SSR allies may have additional quotes. Along with contract and battle quotes, they are being listed on each ally page.

Type Quote(s)
Interaction on head ... What are you doing? My little friend here says you've messed with his dinner.
Interaction on torso
  • ... Don't touch me. It's troublesome...
  • Oh... what is it you want to do?
Interaction on limbs
  • The tent is almost ready. Just wait over there.
  • Leave me... I need more sleep...
  • The key to living in the forest... Respect all living creatures, and follow proper forest etiquette.
  • Hey, come here. Stop running around. Stop trying to stuff things in there.
  • Leave it to me. Wait over there, and don't try to help…
Home greetings
  • ... *sigh*
  • I'm beat...
Home dialogues
Hi, Quin—*yawn*... Strange... As soon as I saw you, I got sleepy all of a sudden... Don't tell me it's become contagious...
... Here, take this pillow. Sleep. I'll go make dinner. I'll call you when it's ready.
Wow~ Sleep and then dinner as soon as I wake up... Are you sure it's okay to pamper me this much?
It's fine. A good rest and a full belly makes everyone feel more at peace.

Eee, eee... No, wait, squeak, squeak, squeak...! How was that? Did Topper understand what I said...? W-Wait a minute! Don't just walk off~
... He said he didn't understand a word. Keep trying.
Dammit, I'm not giving up! If I master Topper's language, I won't have to rely on you to communicate with him anymore! Squeak, squeal... Uh, no, I mean... squeak, squeak, squeak...
(Should I tell him Topper understands human language...? No, I'm quite enjoying this.)
Eiden's birthday ... I don't know how to celebrate a birthday. Tell me what you desire, and I'll try my best to make it happen.
  • This last year has been as troublesome as the previous ten years combined... But I'm getting used to it. And just when I think I'm used to it, he does something I never expected. I never get tired of watching him... What if he'd never come to this world...? I guess... Topper might be a bit lonely.
  • My life two years ago? It was quieter back then, and a lot less hassle. I could spend much more time sleeping... Topper says it's because the little devil appeared that I changed so much. Maybe that's true. But a change like this... doesn't feel bad.


  • Quincy's sensitive areas are his dick and palms.
  • Quincy starts with his chest when he showers.
  • Quincy's favourite place in Aster's mansion are quiet places where he can sleep.
  • He has very few clothes. Most of them are made by him so they are rare.
  • The frequency of his hair washing is not affected by the food Topper hides in his hair.


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