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Icon of player level, one aspect of the progression

Aside from raising allies, players can progress in NU: carnival. The following is a list of things that are related to it.

Player level
Guild level
Sorcerer's Mojo
Points Spending
Player progression icons

Player level[edit]

Main article: Player level

Player level, also known as player's rank on deeds, is a player account progression system in the game that is raised through EXP. Most Journey stages with battle give EXP. Players can level up their player level to 60. Allies gain EXP independently of the player level. However, their maximum level are determined by the player level.

Guild level[edit]

Main article: Guild level

Guild level is determined by the amount of EXP gained each time a guild member receive 1 Devotion Point. Each member of the guild can get one Devotion Point for each guild deed they complete, up to a maximum of 5 per day.

Sorcerer's Mojo[edit]

Main article: Sorcerer's Mojo

Sorcerer's Mojo powers up a variety of useful functions. As players accumulate more Sorcerer's Mojo EXP, through completing chapter deeds or buying Packs, their Sorcerer's Mojo level will increase, giving them access to powers.


Main article: Deeds

Deeds are collections of tasks that can be cleared to receive rewards. They are six types of deeds: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Personals, Event, and Guild.

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