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Worship me...? That's a bit of an exaggeration... This is just proof of everyone's undying faith in the God of Klein.
— Olivine
Biographical information
Birthday3 October (age 25)
OriginKlein Continent
TerritoryWater Territory
General information
Release date24 February 2022
Voice actorOne Night Love (一夜愛)
In other languages
Traditional Chinese奧利文 (Ào lìwén)
Simplified Chinese奥利文 (Ào lìwén)
Japaneseオリビン (Oribin)
Korean올리빈 (Orribin)

Olivine (Chinese: 奧利文 Ào lìwén) is a character in NU: carnival. He is introduced in Chapter 4.


As a holy priest, Olivine has lived his entire life in the temple, his parents placing the highest of hopes on his shoulders. A pleasant conversationalist with a gentle, friendly demeanor, he is loved by the congregation and local children alike. However, he holds in his heart a secret longing unbeknownst to all those around him.[1]


Ever since he could remember, his parents had told him he was "born for a special purpose" and "chosen by the God of Klein". Fulfilling his parent's wishes, he joined the priesthood when he came of age and is well-loved by the congregation. He even acts as a teacher to the local children, who particularly adore him.

Olivine might be a pleasant conversationalist with a friendly demeanor, but he holds desires in his heart unknown to those around him. The doctrines he lives by and the importance of his position in the community mean he is unable to divulge his innermost secrets. As a result, Olivine has continued to suffer in silence.

When Eiden arrives at the temple with an important assignment one day, Olivine is mesmerized by his candid way of thinking and speaking. He starts to think there might be other ways to live his life...[2]

Appearance and personality[edit]

Olivine is 176cm tall, has green hair, and green eyes. His Peridot Gemstone is on his lower abdomen, directly above his belly button.

His special skills are preaching, healing magic, and creative writing. He likes books and poetry.[3]


ID Name Rarity Type Class Character Image
Priest Olivine
N Dark Support Olivine
Sacred Teacher Olivine
R Wood Support Olivine
Man of God Olivine
SR Light Support Olivine
Holy Confession Olivine
SSR Light Healer Olivine
Aqua Bloom Olivine
SSR Water Support Olivine
Radiant Admiral Olivine
SSR Dark Striker Olivine
Frosted Virtue Olivine
SSR Wood Healer Olivine
Captive Star Olivine
SSR Dark Support Olivine
Silver Confessor Olivine
SSR Fire Striker Olivine
Faraway Wish Olivine
SSR Water Guardian Olivine


Olivine's room
Olivine's room
at Aster's Mansion
Type Item name
Basic Story Book
Intermediate Wooden Cards
Advanced Mineral Dye


The following is a list of default interaction and home quotes for the character. SR and SSR allies may have additional quotes. Along with contract and battle quotes, they are being listed on each ally page.

Type Quote(s)
Interaction on head Are you hoping for another gold merit badge? Alright... here you go!
Interaction on torso
  • Ah! Ohh... t-touching me like that...
  • Oh... uwah!?
Interaction on limbs
  • Apparently, getting a piercing... "down there"... feels really goo--Ah! Never mind! You didn't hear that...
  • Whew... I've finally finished my latest story. I can't wait to share it with the children at the temple!
  • Whenever I lose myself to desire, I know I should go make a confession... but I have to admit, I'm starting to enjoy it...
  • If it weren't for Eiden, I might never have faced the longings in my heart... Lord, thank you for your mercy in redeeming my soul...
  • I wish Eiden wasn't such a quick learner… Soon he won't need me to hold his hand while he writes… That would be a real shame…
Home greetings
  • Excuse me...
  • Hehe, hello there.
Home dialogues
Teacher Olivine! I'm struggling to understand this part of the novel Morvay recommended to me. Could you help me out?~
Of course, let me take a look—Eh!? T-This is...
I'm guessing your reaction means you understand what it means. Won't you teach me?~
... Intelligent as you are, I'm sure you understand it just as well as I do. But... I can't say no to such a hardworking student. If it's okay with you, perhaps we could engage in some one-on-one tuition a little later?

Eiden! What happened to your hand? Such a large abrasion... Come over here and let me take a look.
Eh? I didn't even notice... Good thing you're around, Olivine. I'll leave it to you—ouch!
Try to bear it a little longer. I have to make sure the wound is properly cleaned... Very good, you're doing wonderfully~ Almost done now~
Why do I suddenly feel like a little kid... Although, it feels pretty nice to be looked after by a kind big brother type—oooouch!
Eiden's birthday Eiden, since this is such a special today, aside from your studies, I've prepared all sorts of rewards... You'll just have to wait and see.
  • I regularly repent for the sins I committed at the gemstone altar, but I'm also thankful that I was able to deepen my bonds with Eiden... Aah, I won't ask for the God of Klein's forgiveness... but Eiden... He'll accept me like this, won't he?
  • Time really does go by quickly. I have thanked the God of Klein every day these two years for letting me meet Eiden. Eiden is my salvation, giving me the courage to look forward to tomorrow...


  • Olivine's nipple chains are hand-made. He changes them depending on style and mood.
    • The number of chains continue to increase.
  • Olivine's favourite place in Aster's mansion is the library.
    • He shares the same favourite place with Blade
  • Due to his occupation as a priest, Olivine has less personal clothing.
  • Olivine's sensitive spot is his whole chest.


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