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The correct title of this page is NU: carnival Wiki:About. The omission of the colon is due to technical restrictions.
This is NOT an official wiki that managed by the game developers. It's made by fans.
If you see something wrong, feel free to edit the page or describe it on the Discussion page.
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NU: carnival Wiki is an English-language wiki under the Miraheze domain. The wiki provides information and guides in an encyclopedic format on topics that relate to the NU: carnival games written by the community. Currently, this wiki is focused on in-game articles. These include, but are not necessarily limited to the characters, locations, items, events and features of the game. But in the future, it is expected to also have real-life topics, like companies and important people involved in development and publication.

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NU: carnival Wiki was founded by Blathers (contribs) on 27 February 2022. The user started the wiki by uploading most of the game assets and creating pack list. However, the user last contribution to the wiki is on April 2022.

NU: carnival Wiki's currently active administrator is William Surya Permana (contribs) which administrated the wiki since 17 March 2022. The user started contributing by creating elemental type and class list. The user also restructured the category tree and revamped the site for easier navigation during April 2022.

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