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NU: carnival
General information
DevelopersInfinity Alpha
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
Released24 February 2022
In other languages
Traditional Chinese新世界狂歡
Simplified Chinese新世界狂欢
EnglishNU: carnival
JapaneseNU: カーニバル
KoreanNU: 카니발

NU: carnival (新世界狂歡) is a social simulation RPG mobile game developed by Infinity Alpha in collaboration with SGArts.[1] The game is available on iOS and Android through the game's official website.


Many hundreds of years ago, the elemental spirits on the Klein Continent were causing total mayhem. In order to put a stop to this chaos, the Grand Sorcerer - a man known only as Huey - decided to build five altars across the land, each implanted with a gigantic gemstone which would allow him to regulate and seal away these imbalanced elements. From then on, every dozen or so years, Huey and his clan members would set out on a journey to maintain the gemstones and seals at each of the five altars.

However, twenty years ago, Huey suddenly disappeared. With no one to maintain the altars, the elemental harmony he had created started to disintegrate. Soon monsters started appearing in all corners of the land. As the elemental spirits fell into disarray once more, Klein became plagued with natural disasters and the dreaded Dead Zone began to spread.

Then one day, two familiars, created many years ago by Huey, used a secret technique to summon a man from another world. They instantly recognized him as a descendant of their master - and maybe… just maybe, he's the hero they've been waiting for.

After arriving on the Klein Continent, Eiden discovers he must take over Huey’s duties and learn how to regulate his own essence levels. If he can release the seals on his clan members through engaging in various sexual activities, he might just be able to restore power to the neon gemstone and find a way back home…[2]


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Main category: Features
  • The Intimacy feature allows players to give gifts obtained from stages to their allies to raise their intimacy meter. Once the meter is full, players may unlock a gift from their ally and one of five story scenes. To unlock explicit scenes for SR and SSR allies, players must use a key matching that character's elemental type.
  • Players can create new items for use in battle or intimacy with the Workshop feature. They may also fulfill orders for certain items in exchange for coins.
  • Low-ranking allies can be used for Exploration, which involves sending off five allies to scavenge an area of your choice for items. Players may unlock allies' potential to teach them exploration skills, which take effect even when the ally is not in use.


The game opened for preregistration on 1 December 2021.[3] On 23 February 2022, the team announced that they could not publish the game on the iOS App Store due to its new policies and created a guide on installing it from their site instead. The game was officially released worldwide on February 24, 2022, localized simultaneously in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

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