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Crystal Core, one of the materials

The Materials tab in the Storage menu displays items mostly used for unlocking potential, e.g. Talon, Pine Logs, etc; and Crystal Core that can be used for ascension. Players can use alchemy to turn low-grade materials for unlocking potential into the high-grade ones in the Workshop. In the resources, they have 30-31 as the ID prefix.

List of Materials[edit]

ID Image Name Description Rarity Tab How to obtain  i 
Unlocks basic potential. A sharp talon from a bird of prey. Scuffs if not routinely polished. N Materials 1-02 (Rare)
2-06 (Rare)
3-02 (Rare)
4-02 (Common)
5-06 (Rare)
Monster Claw
Unlocks intermediate potential. Often tied to a rope and worn around the neck by warriors as a sign of strength and bravery. R Materials 3-02 (Epic)
5-07 (Epic)
6-02 (Epic)
7-02 (Epic)
7-13 (Epic)
Magic Claw
Unlocks advanced potential. Rich in essence and tough as can be, warriors use these mutated claws to make powerful weapons. SR Materials 7-13 (Epic)
8-12 (Epic)
Pine Logs
Unlocks basic potential. The timber of choice for building houses and bridges across the land. N Materials 1-06 (Rare)
2-07 (Epic)
3-03 (Rare)
5-03 (Rare)
8-08 (Common)
Ancient Logs
Unlocks intermediate potential. Cut from trees centuries old, careful inspections have shown essence flowing through its age-old grain. R Materials 3-03 (Epic)
4-09 (Epic)
5-08 (Epic)
6-03 (Epic)
7-12 (Epic)
Sacred Logs
Unlocks advanced potential. Bestowed with centuries of blessings from elemental spirits, this holy timber is used to build temples and other religious buildings. SR Materials 7-12 (Epic)
Morning Dew
Unlocks basic potential. Found only at dawn after a heavy downpour, this rare liquid is said to be sweet on the tongue and soothing on the throat. N Materials 1-05 (Rare)
2-04 (Rare)
3-04 (Rare)
5-03 (Rare)
6-06 (Common)
Rose Water
Unlocks intermediate potential. Distilled using only the highest-quality roses, its fragrance is sweet and calming. R Materials 3-04 (Epic)
4-08 (Epic)
5-09 (Epic)
6-06 (Epic)
7-14 (Epic)
Spirit Water
Unlocks advanced potential. Filled with blessings from the elemental spirits, legends say it can heal any injury without so much as a scar. SR Materials 7-14 (Epic)
Star Fruit
Unlocks basic potential. Infused with blessings after years of exposure to pure starlight. Perhaps that's the reason for its peculiar shape... N Materials 1-04 (Rare)
2-08 (Rare)
3-05 (Rare)
5-04 (Rare)
6-04 (Common)
Moon Fruit
Unlocks intermediate potential. Infused with blessings after years of exposure to pure moonlight. Break open its shell to reveal the delicious crescent moon core. R Materials 3-05 (Epic)
4-07 (Epic)
6-04 (Epic)
7-05 (Epic)
7-15 (Epic)
Sun Fruit
Unlocks advanced potential. Infused with blessings after years of exposure to pure sunlight. Its vivid orange skin is sure to liven up even the drabbest of fruit bowls. SR Materials 7-15 (Epic)
Unlocks basic potential. Its surface is so toxic that even the slightest touch means a slow, painful - but inevitable - death. N Materials 1-03 (Rare)
2-02 (Rare)
3-06 (Rare)
5-05 (Rare)
6-08 (Rare)
Unlocks intermediate potential. Found only in the deepest and darkest of caves, its rarity, high monetary value and alluring glow make it a common fixture in the homes of those with gold to burn. R Materials 3-06 (Epic)
6-05 (Epic)
7-06 (Epic)
Unlocks advanced potential. Exceedingly hazardous due to its high elemental power. If you're unfortunate enough to be around when it cracks... Well, you won't be around for much longer. SR Materials Workshop
Elk Antler
Unlocks advanced potential. Every ten years, the white elks of legend shed their antlers. Due to the esteemed beauty and high elemental power of these antlers, they're often used as decorative ornaments and in the brewing of medicines. SR Materials 8-02 (Epic)
Unlocks legendary potential. It's said unicorns of the purest white are drawn to young virgin men. It's also said their horns make a killing on the black market. SSR Materials Workshop
Bling Wing
Unlocks advanced potential. Found only in the deepest of caverns, they might resemble wings, but these beauties are 100% pure crystal. SR Materials Workshop
Griffin Wings
Unlocks legendary potential. It might have the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, but its ginormous wings are surprisingly fluffy. SSR Materials Workshop
Jasmine Oil
Unlocks advanced potential. Filled with hope and optimism, this soothing oil is excellent at lifting one's spirits. SR Materials 8-04 (Epic)
Sacred Oil
Unlocks legendary potential. Possessing the sweet, calming fragrance of sacred leaves, this esteemed oil is saved for use in only the holiest of ceremonies. SSR Materials Workshop
Delirium Dust
Unlocks advanced potential. Consisting of pollen extracted from rare and exotic flowers, its dizzying effects make it an effective painkiller. Ingest a little too much, however, and you'll be seeing more than just stars. SR Materials Workshop
Unlocks legendary potential. Cool to the touch despite its gooey lava-filled center. Its natural glow might make it a good nightlight, but you'll have to brave rocky volcanic slopes to get your hands on a chunk of this rare ore. SSR Materials Workshop
Mutated Tusk
Unlocks advanced potential. The tusk of a mutated monster. Despite being separated from its previous owner, it still holds a great deal of power. SR Materials Workshop
Holy Tusk
Unlocks legendary potential. Discovered deep under the desert dunes, this mighty tusk is far too large to belong to any creature living today. Due to its high elemental power, rumor began to spread that it once belonged to an elephant god. Could it be a remnant of a beast long since extinct? SSR Materials Workshop
Divination Claw
Unlocks advanced potential. The claw of a divination crab. Hold it in your palm, close your eyes and clear your mind. The claw will then make a sound. The volume indicates just how lucky (or unlucky) you are. SR Materials Workshop
Toasty Claw
Unlocks legendary potential. The claws of solar crabs are famous as never-ending sources of heat. They're also known to protect the holder against disasters. SSR Materials Workshop
Wolf Pelt
Unlocks advanced potential. A thick, gray fur, used to make rugs and warm winter coats. SR Materials 8-08 (Epic)
Bear Hide
Unlocks legendary potential. The furry hide of a brown bear who was once granted great power by the elemental spirits. SSR Materials Workshop
Book of the Lost
Unlocks advanced potential. Thumb through its pages, and you'll be guided along the path to enlightenment... or so they say. SR Materials 8-09 (Epic)
Klein Canon
Unlocks legendary potential. The sacred scripture of the God of Klein. Preachers recite its many passages at temples across the land. SSR Materials Workshop
Tail Feather
Unlocks advanced potential. Soft, smooth and plucked straight from the tail of a two-headed eagle. SR Materials 8-10 (Epic)
Phoenix Feather
Unlocks legendary potential. Whenever a phoenix sets itself ablaze and a newborn rises from the ashes, for reasons unknown, it invariably leaves a single tail feather behind. SSR Materials Workshop
Spider Web
Unlocks advanced potential. A web of fine threads used to make adhesives due to its extreme stickiness. SR Materials 8-11 (Epic)
Gold Thread
Unlocks legendary potential. A favorite of the noble classes, this exquisite yet durable thread is in fact produced by the poisonous spiders of the Dead Zone. SSR Materials Workshop
Crystal Shards
Gives skills a basic power boost. Described as resembling fallen flower petals, they can be found nearby the crystal caverns unique to the Dark Territory. Few dare venture to these lands due to the multitude of monsters, and even fewer get their hands on these alluring stones. SR Materials Mission Rewards
Raw Crystal
Gives skills an advanced power boost. Described as resembling a flower in bloom, they can be found nearby the crystal caverns unique to the Dark Territory. The prevalence of monsters in the area has meant stocks are low and prices have soared. SR Materials Shop, Event Rewards
Crystal Core
A specialist tool for ascending SR/SSR allies. Emitting a sparkling gleam and filled with powerful essence, legends say it's made of crystallized elemental spirits. Could the legends be true...? SSR Materials Shop, Event Rewards
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