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Hehe... I wonder what special tricks you'll have to please me in the future. I'll be waiting most expectantly.
— Kuya
Biographical information
Birthday22 May (appearance age 25)
OriginKlein Continent
TerritoryWood Territory
General information
Release date24 February 2022
Voice actorYotsuya Cider (四ツ谷 サイダー)
In other languages
Traditional Chinese玖夜 (Jiŭyè)
Simplified Chinese玖夜 (Jiŭyè)
Japanese玖夜 (Kyuuya)
Korean큐야 (Kyuya)

Kuya (Chinese: 玖夜 Jiŭyè) is a character in NU: carnival. He is introduced in Chapter 6.


Revered by the beasts of the forest, Kuya is a magical fox who through years and years of exposure to essence gradually gained a human form. A lover of all things new and exciting, he loathes nothing more than being bored. Specialized in creating illusions, he utilizes them to toy with others for his own personal pleasure.[1]


Once a fox spirit, Kuya attained a human form after years of exposure to high levels of essence. With a sinister smile ever-present across his face, he's an expert at using illusions to manipulate others for his own amusement. Kuya acknowledges few others as his equals, however Huey was a rare exception. Approving of Huey's immense power, Kuya agreed to become one of his clan members.

Despite having lived for generations, Kuya still delights in searching for new and exciting experiences - loathing nothing more than the foul sensation of boredom. He's also constantly on the look for weird and wonderful items with which to decorate his home.

Following his encounter with Eiden, Kuya comes up with all sorts of crafty tricks to test out Huey's so-called "successor". Kuya's wicked antics mean he soon has Eiden right in the palm of his hand...[2]

Appearance and personality[edit]

Kuya is 178cm tall, has lavender-colored hair hair, and yellow eyes with slitted pupils. His Amethyst Gemstone is in his left eye, giving it a purple color and an oval pupil. He always wears nail polish - usually of a lavender color to match his hair - tends to wear high-heels, and occasionally eye make-up. He has a beauty mark under his right eye, sharp canine teeth, and the fur of his usually hidden fox ears and tail has a white to lavender gradient. He is said to have a civilized air and appears as proud and elegant.

Ever meticulous and fickle, Kuya is a mischievous and unpredictable being. He seems to appreciate a challenge and those who are honest in their desires. As he is very easily bored on account of his long lifespan, Kuya always seeks new and interesting experiences.

His special skill lies in illusions. He likes both new and interesting people and items.[3]


ID Name Rarity Type Class Character Image
Fox Spirit Kuya
N Wood Saboteur Kuya
Enchanted Fox Kuya
R Fire Saboteur Kuya
Foxy Rogue Kuya
SR Dark Saboteur Kuya
Apathetic Outsider Kuya
SR Light Support Kuya
Fallen Leaves Kuya
SSR Dark Saboteur Kuya
Kitsune Dream Kuya
SSR Fire Saboteur Kuya
Lakeside Spark Kuya
SSR Dark Healer Kuya
Afternoon Daze Kuya
SSR Water Striker Kuya
Aromatic Exotica Kuya
SSR Light Striker Kuya
Forest Night Kuya
SSR Wood Striker Kuya


Kuya's room
Type Item name
Basic Snow Globe
Intermediate The Sage's Chain
Advanced Kaleidoscope


The following is a list of default interaction and home quotes for the character. SR and SSR allies may have additional quotes. Along with contract and battle quotes, they are being listed on each ally page.

Type Quote(s)
Interaction on head My fox ears? They're not for your eyes.
Interaction on torso
  • Hmph... if you want to touch, then go ahead. No need to be shy.
  • Oh? Flirting with everyone you meet? Are you ready for your punishment?
Interaction on limbs
  • ... No illusion can avoid my detection. Hmph... just what kind of trickery do these 'playing cards' hold...
  • I don't see being a clan member as my duty, but rather... a fun little game to stave off boredom.
  • Oh my... you want to enter my special mist? If I discover you committing obscenities in there... You better be prepared for the consequences.
  • Me? Cause trouble? ... Heh, a 'wicked spirit' such as myself has a duty to terrorize the Grand Sorcerer, wouldn't you agree?
  • Pull yourself together~ Didn't you promise to bring me new and exciting items? Remember, my standards are devilishly high! Hehe…
Home greetings
  • ... Good boy.
  • Oh my.
Home dialogues
That's weird, he was right in front of me a second ago... Where did he run off to—gyah! You scared the hell outta me!
Young master, your trailing skills leave much to be desired. The sounds of your breathing and footsteps resound louder than a gale whistling through an ancient valley... Why, pray tell, are you following me?
No reason~ I was just bored, so I thought I'd come investigate why you keep walking around this area.
Hmm~ Perhaps I'm suffering from even greater boredom than yourself... so I thought I'd see just how long you were willing to keep following me... hehe.

Hic! Uh, Kuya... why does this tea you gave me... hic... keep making me hiccup?
I asked the young yokai if they had anything amusing to share, and that's what they gave me. But I have to say, watching you constantly hiccup seems to have grown old rather quickly.
I knew it... hic! I've gotta... be... hic! Warier... hic! Of anything I get from you...! Quick, think of a way to make this stop... hic! Hic!
Oh? Perhaps you'd like to try this other cup I've prepared instead, hm?
Eiden's birthday If young master would like a birthday present, tell me... I might just be able to make your wildest fantasies come true.
  • A year? Each one passes in the blink of an eye—why bother thinking about it? What's important is not time, but your "performance" this past year, young master... It's certainly deserving of some praise, hehe...
  • Do we really have to celebrate this tedious occasion each and every year? Heh... I suppose I can't deny that, in two short years, the change in young master has provided no shortage of amusement... I never tire of watching him. As to what yet lies in store, I wait with bated breath...


  • He is the oldest clan member.
  • Kuya enjoys addressing people in ways that make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Kuya's sensitive areas are his ears.
  • No one knows which part of his body he washes first, but he is said to shower every day.
  • Kuya's favourite place in Aster's mansion is next to the fireplace.
    • This is crossed out in the Neon Carnival Q&A pamphlet.
  • Kuya likes trendy and new clothes, so he has a lot of accessories.


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