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This article is about intimacy-related items. It is not to be confused with the feature itself.
Self Portrait, one of the intimacy items

The Intimacy tab in the Storage menu displays intimacy-related items, e.g. Self Portrait, etc. These include: Gifts for increasing the intimacy meter, and Keys for unlocking the intimacy rooms. However, items that can restore Intimacy Points are listed under Consumables tab. In the resources, they have 35-36 as the ID prefix.

List of gifts[edit]

ID Image Name Description Rarity Tab How to obtain Character  i 
Banquet Invite
Kleinster Kingdom banquets are legendary for bringing together the rich and famous from across the land. As they say, where money goes, Aster follows.
※Basic gift for Aster
N Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Aster Aster
Concealment Tonic
Makes one invisible for a short period of time. Despite its revolting taste, Morvay always makes sure to down a bottle before heading out on reconnaissance missions.
※Basic gift for Morvay
N Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Morvay Morvay
Cooking Knives
With a set of these portable yet exquisitely crafted knives, you'll be cooking up a storm wherever you find yourself.
※Basic gift for Yakumo
N Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Yakumo Yakumo
Oatmeal Cookies
A delicious concoction of oats, sugar, flour, eggs and raisins. Edmond always orders them extra sweet.
※Basic gift for Edmond
N Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Edmond Edmond
Story Book
Packed with famous fairy tales and loved by little ones across the continent. Olivine's go-to choice when teaching the children at the temple.
※Basic gift for Olivine
N Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Olivine Olivine
Crude Trap
A simple yet functional trap. Regularly employed by Quincy when hunting small animals.
※Basic gift for Quincy
N Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Quincy Quincy
Snow Globe
Give it a little shake and snowflakes will fall. Add a little essence, and you're sure to have a ball.
※Basic gift for Kuya
N Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Kuya Kuya
Roast Rabbit
Most people find the guilt of munching on an adorable little bunny rabbit tends to be offset by its exquisite taste and aroma.
※Basic gift for Garu
N Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Garu Garu
Bizarre Book
Entitled "Penetrate Him With A Hand That Once Touched A Slime", it might be ridiculous beyond all belief, but Blade enjoys reading it all the same...
※Basic gift for Blade
N Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Blade Blade
Ore Lantern
With just a little magic, this specially-designed lantern will stay lit for hours and hours. Not only is it portable, it's also super practical, making it ideal for outdoor excursions.
※Basic gift for Rei
N Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Rei Rei
Sovereign's Tome
An academic text revered by royalty since ancient times. Nigh on impossible to comprehend for the average citizen, but as a proud ruler, Dante has a strong grasp of the knowledge contained within its old pages. The figure on the cover looks strangely familiar...
※Basic gift for Dante
N Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Dante Dante
China Tea Set
Made from ground animal bones and clay, the essence stored within the bones gives the set an unusual natural luster. Aster enjoys collecting such sets, before auctioning them off to squabbling nobles.
※Intermediate gift for Aster
R Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Aster Aster
Incubus Earring
A tool for suppressing the sexual desires of incubi. It's a well-known fact that forbidding an incubus from "eating" is no different from torture. As such, an incubus who's willing to wear one usually receives a special "reward" in return.
※Intermediate gift for Morvay
R Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Morvay Morvay
A sack full of rare and exotic spices sure to take your lifeless home-cooking up a notch or two.
※Intermediate gift for Yakumo
R Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Yakumo Yakumo
Deer Skin
The skin of a wild forest deer used by soldiers to wipe dust and other stains from their sword blades. Edmond never leaves home without one.
※Intermediate gift for Edmond
R Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Edmond Edmond
Wooden Cards
One of the many educational tools favored by Olivine. The vibrant carvings always succeed in catching the eyes of the children.
※Intermediate gift for Olivine
R Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Olivine Olivine
Comfy Pillow
A soft, fluffy pillow stuffed with feathers. You'll be out like a light before you know it.
※Intermediate gift for Quincy
R Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Quincy Quincy
The Sage's Chain
The idea is to separate each link in the chain. This is no easy feat, and anyone who succeeds is knows as a "Sage of the Chains". Kuya enjoys taking on the challenge in his spare time.
※Intermediate gift for Kuya
R Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Kuya Kuya
Roast Fish
Fresh from the river and roasted to perfection. Yum.
※Intermediate gift for Garu
R Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Garu Garu
Fluff Ball
Fluffy and round and all kinds of cute. These little creatures live in the forest and appear to serve no other purpose than blowing puffs of air and looking as adorable as can be.
※Intermediate gift for Blade
R Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Blade Blade
Made from fallen bird feathers, legends say that hanging one of these above your bed will protect you from nightmares and bring you peace and good fortune.
※Intermediate gift for Rei
R Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Rei Rei
Imported Spices
Rare and exotic spices from a faraway land. They're often used to create fragrant vapors to dispel unpleasant odors. Essential oils infused with such spices are known to sharply increase sexual attraction.
※Intermediate gift for Dante
R Intimacy [Daily] Sweet gifts for Dante Dante
Blood Bag
A favorite of Aster's. Pierce the sheep intestine bag with fangs for instant satisfaction.
※Advanced gift for Aster
SR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards Aster
Milky Elixir
Filled with a cloudy liquid said to be the highly concentrated form of a certain male bodily fluid... Despite its peculiar odor, Morvay just can't get enough.
※Advanced gift for Morvay
SR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards Morvay
Klein Cookbook
A collection of gourmet recipes from all corners of the Klein Continent.
※Advanced gift for Yakumo
SR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards Yakumo
Fluffy Pancakes
Light as air and fluffy as a cloud, these pancakes are frighteningly addictive and simply divine when paired with fresh strawberries.
※Advanced gift for Edmond
SR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards Edmond
Mineral Dye
Add a dash of water to this finely ground ore to make paints of the most eye-catching colors. Regularly employed by Olivine when making his picture books.
※Advanced gift for Olivine
SR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards Olivine
Vine Fruit
Hurl one of these at your prey, then sit back and watch as the vines do their work. An essential item in the pack of any budding hunter.
※Advanced gift for Quincy
SR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards Quincy
Peek through its lens to witness a magical cacophony of color. Give the end a twist for an extra surprise.
※Advanced gift for Kuya
SR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards Kuya
BBQ Meat
Lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, this hunk of meat is tender, juicy and packed full of flavor.
※Advanced gift for Garu
SR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards Garu
Eiden Doll
A super-soft cuddly toy modeled after a certain otherworldly figure. Snuggle it in your arms for the best nap ever!
※Advanced gift for Blade
SR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards Blade
Music Box
Constructed by expert craftsmen, music boxes such as this one were once all the rage among the kingdom's nobility.
※Advanced gift for Rei
SR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards Rei
Dagger of the Gods
Owing to its otherwordly glimmer and almost impossible sharpness, this exquisitely crafted weapon came to be known as the "Dagger of the Gods"—not only a powerful tool of war, but also a highly sought-after collector's item.
※Advanced gift for Dante
SR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards Dante
Self Portrait
Painted by Eiden himself, its canvas is filled with memories of precious moments spent together.
※Ultra-rare gift
SSR Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards All
Gooey Chocolate
Sold only after the dark. Those who sample its delectable sweetness might not awaken until the next morning... SR Intimacy Event Rewards (White Storm) All
A bouquet of flowers collected by Topper and his furry forest friends. Why not give it to the one you've had your eyes on...? SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Zest for Life) All
Foxtail Dango
Cooked up by Eiden himself from a simple mixture of foxtail pollen and flour. No suspicious ingredients here. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Mystical Banquet) All
Gemstone Candy
Crafted by Eiden in the style of sweet treats from his homeworld. Consisting primarily of sugar, they possess a crispy yet gelatinous texture. Named for their lustrous glow akin to that of a real gemstone. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Klein Star) All
Summer Score
Sheet music penned by Eiden himself. With strong attention to detail, Eiden does his part to support his idol companions. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Idol Fest) All
Water Sphere
A limited-edition item sold at the summer markets; a lifelike goldfish formed from essence rests within. When the red sun rises, both sphere and goldfish vaporize into bubbles and disappear without a trace. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Chase the Rainbow) All
Phantom Chest
Revamped by Eiden himself, this magic-filled chest alters the clothing of whoever opens it—even satisfying certain fetishes. Due to a lack of fabric, the outfits tend to be extremely risqué. Use with caution. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Astral Duo) All
Fancy Dress Coupon
Take this coupon to any apparel store in the Klein Kingdom to enjoy a full makeover transformation into the in-vogue "Vampire" or "Werewolf Mummy". Each coupon can be used by up to two people. When redeemed as a couple, the results might just be wilder than you ever imagined. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Eerie Escapade) All
Kinky Crop
A tool regularly used in the teaching of etiquette. Each lash unleashes a deafening crack, but don't worry, the redness doesn't last long. They're used only to keep students on the right path. However, after a sudden burst of inspiration, Eiden has an idea for a much more "playful" design. Word has it, they've caused quite the stir in noble circles... SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Classy Affair) All
Box of Wonders
A popular Kleinmas gift in recent years, all the holder has to do is meditate with the item they desire in mind, and it will materialize inside the box. Now, everyone can get what they've always wanted! SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Festive Glimmer) All
Night Crane Feather
A feather gifted from the Night Crane itself. Despite being enshrouded in a mist filled with crystallized ice, it brings not cold, but a gentle warmth. Hold it in your hand and feel its warming flows of essence, known to carry innumerable memories of times long since forgotten. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Silver Miracle) All
Honey Charm
Made using a secret stash of honey located deep in the forest, these charms are painted using naturally-sourced pigments and show the smiling faces of the tea party guests—human and yokai alike. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Forest Carnival) All
Silk Handkerchief
Delicately soft to the touch, this particular handkerchief is imbued with Eiden's distinctive aroma—comes in handy, especially when his clan members get a little "hot under the collar"... SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Army x Blood x Oath) All
Completion Stamp
Earn a stamp each time you complete a task as you challenge yourself to be the best student you can be! Collect them all to receive a special reward from Eiden himself. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Chimes of Darkness) All
Glow Jar
Catch a halo bug, place it in a jar, and use its soft glow to light your way. Top tip: A great way to create a romantic atmosphere during a night out with that special someone.
*Halo bugs have short lifespans and need to be replaced at regular intervals.
SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Rainy Season) All
Spiced Balm
Made with spices unique to the Fire Territory, it may appear ordinary at first glance, but once infused with essence, it gives off the distinctive essence, it gives off the distinctive scent of its holder... Perfect for special occasions. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Sunburst Fever) All
Enhanced Cock Ring
The King of Gamblers Tournament's grand prize, rumor has it this little ring delivers untold levels of pleasure and stimulation... Only one way to find out! SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Gambler's Paradise) All
Medicinal Tea
Brewed from mist grass and a selection of other wild plants, a steaming cup of this unique and refreshingly sweet concoction will keep you warm and cozy for days. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Misty Vale) All
Saucy Deck
Made in a faraway land, these playful cards are printed with images of couples locked in the throes of passion. Both educational and provocative, they're extremely popular among the Saian nobility. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Rusted Nation) All
Essence Bullet Casing
Bullet casing left behind after Eiden fires an Essence Bullet. Every shot is a proof of the struggle to protect the secrets of those important to him. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Blood Secret) All
Voice Recorder
A tool that can record human voices and broadcast them at any time to review the content. Even if you weren't at the Wintertime Ceremony live concert, you can still listen to the performers' voices and feel the blessing of nature. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Frozen Echoes) All
The latest product from Abyss of Bliss. It looks cute and has a wide range of functions. It's said it looks very similar to the legendary magic wand sought by the Demon King... Is that a coincidence? SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Journey to a NU ☆ World) All
Neck Pillow
Sometimes lingering in the dream for too long leaves you completely exhausted when you wake up. All you need at a time like this is a neck pillow so you can take a nap even if there's no bed. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Fanciful Capriccio) All
Badge of Honor
A badge of honor that symbolizes power and victory. Some peopple in the desert town wear one on their chests to show their capacity. SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Desert of Dusk) All
An implement used to restrict the movement of prisoners, used to protect the jailers and preveent the convicts from escaping. In Eiden's hands, they can be used for all manner of other games...? SR Intimacy Event Rewards (Desert of Dusk) All
Cocoa Halo
Crisp on the outside, soft and delectably sweet on the inside. Rumor has it that after a single bite, even the fussiest of eaters will be hooked for life. SR Intimacy Redeem code All

List of keys[edit]

ID Image Name Description Rarity Tab How to obtain  i 
Fire Key
Opens Intimacy rooms for Fire types. Time to spice things up... R Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards
Water Key
Opens Intimacy rooms for Water types. Float on the sweet waves of love... R Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards
Wood Key
Opens Intimacy rooms for Wood types. It's only natural... R Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards
Light Key
Opens Intimacy rooms for Light types. Let true love shine through... R Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards
Dark Key
Opens Intimacy rooms for Dark types. Turn the lights down low... R Intimacy Shop, Event Rewards
Fancy Fire Key
An advanced key used to open Intimacy rooms for Fire types. Some like it hot indeed... SR Intimacy Workshop (Forge with 5 Fire Keys)
Fancy Water Key
An advanced key used to open Intimacy rooms for Water types. Here comes the tidal wave of love... SR Intimacy Workshop (Forge with 5 Water Keys)
Fancy Wood Key
An advanced key used to open Intimacy rooms for Wood types. Who's got wood...? SR Intimacy Workshop (Forge with 5 Wood Keys)
Fancy Light Key
An advanced key used to open Intimacy rooms for Light types. You're positively glowing... SR Intimacy Workshop (Forge with 5 Light Keys)
Fancy Dark Key
An advanced key used to open Intimacy rooms for Dark types. Anything goes when the lights go out... SR Intimacy Workshop (Forge with 5 Dark Keys)
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