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Replenish your essence levels by having sex!? So awesome... *cough* I mean unusual!
— Eiden
Biographical information
Birthday17 June (age 23)
OriginPresent-Day Earth
TerritoryModern-Day Workplace
General information
Voice actorNetoru Irakusa (刺草ネトル)
In other languages
Traditional Chinese伊得 (Yī dé)
Simplified Chinese伊得 (Yī dé)
Japaneseエイト (Eito)
Korean에이트 (Eiteu)

Eiden (Chinese: 伊得 Yī dé) is the protagonist of NU: carnival.


A product designer for a sex toy company. Growing up in an orphanage, Eiden developed a strongly independent personality. He first realized he was gay during puberty and has since had several on-off relationships. He enjoys playing the role of both bottom and top and when it comes to sex, he's very open-minded, with a long list of fantasies and desires.[1]


Having spent his entire childhood growing up in an orphanage, Eiden has little interest in the notion of traditional family life. On entering high school, he took on several part-time jobs where he cultivated a strong and unapologetic sense of independence. At the same time, he was able to maintain a kind of youthful optimism, always willing to seize the day and live purely for the moment. He might be both logical and level-headed, but he always keeps an open-mind, willing to accept others for who they really are.

It was during Eiden's adolescent years that he first came to terms with his sexuality, engaging in several on again off again relationships. Although extremely versatile in the bedroom, his relationships would often end due to reasons such as differing plans for the future or simply having drifted too far apart. At the age of 23, Eiden embarked on a career in sex toy design, but due to his ever increasing workload he began to neglect his emotional and physical needs.

Then, while working late one night, he encounters a neon gemstone fragment belonging to an important client and is suddenly thrust into a parallel world. The people in this new world tell him he's a descendant of a mysterious figure named Huey. After learning of the elemental gemstones and how their powers are waning, he somewhat reluctantly sets out on a journey to restore power to the gemstones and find a way back home. In this new land, known as the "Klein Continent", it doesn't take long for Eiden to strike up several strong and very "intimate" partnerships...[2]

Despite possessing a large amount of essence, Eiden is unable to use magic.[3].


Main Story[edit]


A client sends Eiden's workplace a gem to be made into a sex toy - however, when Eiden touches the gem, he is transported to the Klein Continent.

Chapter 1[edit]

Eiden is light-headed after arriving in Klein, so Aster and Morvay regulate his essence. Afterwards, he explores Aster's mansion, but wolves suddenly attack him. Eiden learns that the wolves are Aster's pets.

Chapter 2[edit]

Aster and Morvay explain to Eiden how essence functions. Eiden explores the area surrounding Aster's mansion. He witnesses knights harassing local villagers, and steps in to help. There, he meets Yakumo - a clan member. Yakumo becomes berserk, and Eiden attempts to calm him. After battling Yakumo, Aster and Morvay explain the history of Huey's clan. Yakumo explains that he is descended from the Great Serpent of Disaster, but Eiden assures him that he's not frightened by him. Their gemstones resonate, and the two have sex. Eiden, Aster, and Morvay decide that Yakumo should live in Aster's mansion.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Eiden is 176cm tall, has brown hair, and brown eyes. His Neon Gemstone is attached to a string that he wears as a necklace.

His special skills are art and design. He likes sex toys and creative thinking.[4]


ID Name Rarity Type Class Character Image
Galactic Mist Eiden
SSR Fire Support Eiden
Salacious King Eiden
SSR Dark Striker Eiden


Eiden's room
at Aster's mansion

Eiden only accepts event-related gifts and Self Portrait.


The following is a list of default interaction and home quotes for the character. SR and SSR allies may have additional quotes. Along with contract and battle quotes, they are being listed on each ally page.

Type Quote(s)
Interaction on head Hey, don't treat me like a kid. I haven't had many head pats since I grew up and left the orphanage.
Interaction on torso
  • That desperate, are we? Hngh... I can teach you a whole range of new rubbing techniques~
  • That's no good. If you're gonna touch me, put your back into it. Yeah, right there... and there too...
Interaction on limbs
  • Ahh... staying in this world has made me so happy. My body and mind feel so content—I've already forgotten many of my past troubles...
  • I'm not "Grand Sorcerer Huey". Even if my essence is pretty similar, I'd prefer not to be a victim of mistaken identity.
  • If one day I end up returning to my original world, I know I'll miss this place...
  • Working to fix the altars, huh... Who knew I'd still have to work so damn much, even after getting sucked into a whole other world!?
Eiden's birthday As kids at the orphanage, we always had to hand out candy on our birthdays, so I'm used to doing that rather than receiving gifts... H-Hold up! This is way too much, you guys!
  • I can't believe I've already been here this long... Regulating the altars together with everyone... I might not be the Grand Sorcerer they once knew, and I have no idea what the future holds, but being able to meet so many new people like this... It's pretty awesome.
  • Has it really been two years already? Haha, that must mean so much has happened during this time! I'm slowly learning to stop worrying about the future. After all, I have all these important and reliable people keeping me company, so what is there to be afraid of?


  • Eiden's light brown hair is dyed and he would regularly redye his hair.
  • Eiden would normally ride motorbikes to work, but on rainy days, he switches to public transport.
  • Eiden's sensitive spot is his lower abdomen.
  • Eiden's favourite place in Aster's mansion is his room (he designs a lot of things there).
  • From a young age, Eiden has had artistic talent.
  • He has always known he liked men from a young age.
  • When he was 15, he has a bitter first love and subsequent partners were all short term.
  • Eiden's first job was a sex toy designer at Peak of Pleasure. Despite having to work overtime hours, it can be said it was his ideal job. He has had a variety of other jobs:
    • Supermarket employee
    • Security firm employee
    • Laundromat deliveryman
    • Dog-walker [5]
    • Farmhand [6]
  • In his rebellious phase, he liked dressing up but now, he prefers simple, comfortable clothes.
  • He has a changing room in Aster's mansion and every event, he will absorb the local trends to design outfits that fit Klein's aesthetics and seasons.


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