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I swear on my honor... to pledge my life to the protection of the kingdom.
— Edmond
Biographical information
Birthday21 March (age 24)
OriginKlein Continent
TerritoryLight Territory
General information
Release date24 February 2022
Voice actorMuru Nimaigai (二枚貝ムール)
In other languages
Traditional Chinese艾德蒙特 (Ài dé méngtè)
Simplified Chinese艾德蒙特 (Ài dé méngtè)
Japaneseエドモンド (Edomondo)
Korean에드몬드 (Edeumondeu)

Edmond (Chinese: 艾德蒙特 Ài dé méngtè) is a character in NU: carnival. He is introduced in Chapter 3.


Of noble birth, Edmond holds the position of Vice-Captain of the Knights of the Klein Kingdom. Highly disciplined, well-educated and possessing impeccable manners, he values honor and duty above all else. Despite his objections to the use of magic, he receives an order from the king to assist Eiden and the others in their duties.[1]


Of noble birth, Edmond is extremely well-educated and possesses impeccable manners. Despite being naturally well-endowed with essence, he rejects the use of magic and loathes the feelings of sexual desire that essence brings about.

Beneath his icy cold exterior, Edmond is righteous and pure, always viewing situations from the point of view of an honorable knight. As a result, even though he finds it hard to understand Eiden and his compatriots, he commits to aid them in their duties under orders from the king.

As he spends more and more time by Eiden's side, that icy cold exterior might just start to melt...[2]

Appearance and personality[edit]

Edmond is 177cm tall, has long light blue hair, and blue eyes. His Sapphire Gemstone is on top of his left hand.

His special skills include swordplay and training. He likes desserts.[3]


ID Name Rarity Type Class Character Image
Young Noble Edmond
N Dark Striker Edmond
Knight Edmond
R Fire Striker Edmond
Vice-Captain Edmond
SR Water Striker Edmond
Knightly Night Edmond
SSR Water Striker Edmond
White Lover Edmond
SSR Light Striker Edmond
Sweet Aroma Edmond
SSR Fire Striker Edmond
Elite Instructor Edmond
SSR Dark Striker Edmond
Spring Chaos Edmond
SSR Wood Guardian Edmond
Flaming Secret Edmond
SSR Fire Support Edmond
Tranquil Cloud Edmond
SSR Light Healer Edmond
Vigilant Observer Edmond
SSR Fire Support Edmond


Edmond's room
Edmond's room
at Aster's mansion
Type Item name
Basic Oatmeal Cookies
Intermediate Deer Skin
Advanced Fluffy Pancakes


The following is a list of default interaction and home quotes for the character. SR and SSR allies may have additional quotes. Along with contract and battle quotes, they are being listed on each ally page.

Type Quote(s)
Interaction on head ... Get your hands off of me.
Interaction on torso
  • What are you doing!? Do you have a death wish!
  • U-Unhand me...! And don't look at me!
Interaction on limbs
  • Such a smooth texture... and this sweet center... the balance is perfect... I must remember to get the recipe from the chef.
  • I suppose it wouldn't hurt to accompany him to the market... Ah, w-what I mean to say is, a bit of recreation allows one to stay at their best... Yes, that's all!
  • I vow on my honor... I will put the protection of the kingdom above all else.
  • I have important duties to attend to. Please let me through.
  • What's with all the obscene items in this mansion!? Just what kind of place is this!?
Home greetings
  • *cough*... Well...
  • Greetings.
Home dialogues
Eh? Isn't that Edmond? What a coincidence~ Wait a minute, are you out on patrol...?
What do you want? You can plainly see I'm on duty, so make it quick. Don't waste my time.
Can't I just come over and say hi? I haven't seen you lately, so I'm super glad I could run into you like this.
I-It's not that you can't come over... It's just, the other knights always stand by and watch... I know, I'll pay Aster's mansion a visit once I've finished my patrol.

Edmond, check this out! I waited in line aaaages to buy this dessert!
That's—! Could it be one of the legendary secret desserts from that world-renowned pâtisserie!? Those are so rare, they say you have to queue for several days on end, and even then, you need incredible luck to get your hands on one...!
That's our Edmond! You really are a walking, talking treasure trove of dessert knowledge~! You're right, it's from that store, but the line was so long that I was only able to get one... Wanna split it with me?
In truth, I've queued many a time, often failing in my endeavor. So getting your hands on one is already extremely impressive. And you even brought it here to share with me... T-Thank you...
Eiden's birthday It's your birthday?... Very well, Eiden... *cough* *cough* I suppose I can give you this...
  • These days, that fraud... he's been working far harder than I could ever have imagined. We've experienced a great deal together... As to whether he's still a fraud or not... I suppose it doesn't matter so much anymore...
  • During my time being appointed to help the Grand Sorcerer, I've met many different people and seen all manner of possibilities through him... E-Even though it's impossible to have as little restraint as he does, his unconventional thinking has likely influenced me to some degree...


  • His uniform consists of a top piece and bottom piece. The jumpsuit has a zipper in the back that makes it convenient to wear and take off.
  • Edmond's sensitive areas are his nipples.
  • Edmond's favourite place in Aster's mansion is the garden where he frequently has afternoon tea.
  • Because he is nobility, he has a lot of clothes.
  • If Edmond came to Taiwan to order boba tea, he would order 100% sugar level, but would feel it could be twice as sweet.


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