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Main characters. From left to right, Quincy (with Topper on his shoulder), Garu, Edmond, Eiden, Olivine, Yakumo, and Kuya.

The following is a list of characters in NU: carnival.


These characters are allies that can be included in battles.

Eiden is the protagonist of the story, Aster and Morvay are both familiars, and the rest are clan members.

Image Name Territory Birthday Age[note 1] Height Role Voice actor
Eiden Modern-Day Workplace 17 June 23 176cm Protagonist Netoru Irakusa
Aster Light Territory 12 November 16~18 165cm Familiar Kashiro Futo
Morvay Light Territory 13 April 18 175cm Familiar Natsumeda Yuto
Yakumo Light Territory 8 December 22 182cm Clan member (non-human) Manaka Sawa
Edmond Light Territory 21 March 24 177cm Clan member (human) Muru Nimaigai
Olivine Water Territory 3 October 25 176cm Clan member (human) One Night Love
Quincy Wood Territory 14 September 32 190cm Clan member (non-human) Oshima Tetsu
Kuya Wood Territory 22 May 25 178cm Clan member (non-human) Yotsuya Cider
Garu Dead Zone 28 November 18 168cm Clan member (non-human) Kuroi Isamu
Blade Dead Zone 2 February 18 180cm Clan member (non-human) Hokki Nimaigai
Dante Fire Territory 9 August 21 184cm Clan member (human) Hiiragi Santa
Rei Water Territory 11 July 24 180cm Clan member (non-human) Girigi Lee


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  1. For non-human, age refer to their appearance age.
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