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Chapters are part of Journey which contain series of stages which tell the main story. To unlock the next chapter, players must clear all stages in the current chapter. Players must eventually accomplish them in order to complete the game. Previously unlocked chapter storylines can revisited by tapping at the bottom right of each stage.

List of chapters[edit]

The following is a list of chapters in NU: carnival. For event based story and Prologue, see Events#List of events.

Klein Continent[edit]

Image No. Title Location Released
Chapter 1: Thrust Into a New World Light Territory 24 February 2022
Chapter 2: The Grand Sorcerer's Clan Light Territory 24 February 2022
Chapter 3: Altar Maintenance Light Territory 24 February 2022
Chapter 4: The Beloved Priest Water Territory 24 February 2022
Chapter 5: Deep in the Forest Wood Territory 24 February 2022
Chapter 6: Woodland Fantasy Wood Territory 24 February 2022
Chapter 7: Runt of the Pack Dead Zone 24 February 2022
Chapter 8: Innocent Protector Dead Zone 31 March 2022
Chapter 9: Sun Lord of Solaria Fire Territory 28 April 2022
Chapter 10: Desert Crisis Fire Territory Part 1: 28 July 2022
Part 2: 1 September 2022
Chapter 11: Stormy Glow Water Territory Part 1: 16 March 2023
Part 2: 27 April 2023
Chapter 12: Uncertain Fate Water Territory Part 1: 21 June 2023
Part 2: 24 August 2023
Chapter 13: Woodland Turmoil Wood Territory 23 November 2023
Chapter 14: Past and Present Nightmare Dark Territory Part 1: 28 March 2024

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