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Each in-game image has two or three letter prefix in their asset name. Here, the images are categorized based on their prefix.

  • BG - Background
  • CF - Charge files (Packs)
  • CGS - Computer graphics stills (Intimacy)
  • CH - Chips (Essence Fragments)
  • CS - Cards (battle portraits)
  • EF - Effect (including map)
  • ES - Event story (Memories)
  • EV - Event collectibles
  • IP - Item pictures
  • IN - Interactive button
  • ITEM - Item in scene
  • NC - Name card (Player Card)
  • SCG - Stage computer graphics (puzzles)
  • SDG - Sound groups (voice clips)

Media in category "In-game images: IP"

The following 200 files are in this category, out of 331 total.

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