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La la la~ La da da~♪ I just found tons of super cute items! What an amazing day!♡
— Blade
Biographical information
Birthday2 February (appearance age 18)
OriginKlein Continent
TerritoryDead Zone
General information
Release date31 March 2022
Voice actorHokki Nimaigai (二枚貝ほっき)
In other languages
Traditional Chinese布儡 (Bù lěi)
Simplified Chinese布儡 (Bù lěi)
Japaneseブレイド (Bureido)
Korean블레이드 (Beulleideu)

Blade (Chinese: 布儡 Bù lěi) is a character in NU: carnival. He is introduced in Chapter 8.


An eccentric youth residing deep within the Dead Zone, Blade possesses superhuman agility and destructive powers. With an innocent and naive disposition, he lacks basic common sense and has a penchant for collecting strange items - which he labels as "cute" - as well as a love of exotic literature. Perhaps the special "mission" he often mentions might explain his decision to take up residence in this most lifeless of places...[1]


Blade hails from the Saian continent, where e-droids are commonly used weapons. He was sent by an unknown party who sought to assassinate Grand Sorcerer Huey, as well as steal top secret documents from The Hall of Sorcerers.[2]

After a difficult battle in which he kills several sorcerers, Blade is subdued by Huey while trying to repair himself. Huey, intrigued by Blade, decides not to destroy him but to instead transform his core into a gemstone. He easily absorbs Blade's essence with just two fingers placed to his core. [2] Blade says that eventually the change allowed him to start to think of things other than his missions.[3]

Once he becomes a Clan Member, Blade dutifully follows Huey's orders for many missions, sometimes joining Quincy and others. One day, Huey tells him to wait on standby in the Dead Zone, which ends up being a 20 year mission until he eventually encounters Eiden. [3]

Appearance and personality[edit]

Blade is a 180cm tall e-droid who looks identical to a human. He has very light blue hair, appearing almost white, with a black rat tail and a few highlights. His eyes are the same light blue as his hair and his pupils are light purple. His Rock Crystal Gemstone is on the center of his chest. He has sharp pointy teeth and his eyes are usually covered by his hair.

Faithfully carrying out his "mission" from his home deep within the Dead Zone, Blade possesses extreme battle prowess, yet has an innocent and child-like personality, often frankly stating his thoughts and feelings. A lover of all things he deems "cute", he also enjoys learning from the many bizarre and exotic books he's collected over the years.[4]

Eventually, he starts to reveal some insecurities regarding his freewill. He seems uncertain as to whether or not he has decided on his actions because of his own will, or because he was told to do so. [5]

Blade's special skills include gathering, building, and handicrafts. He likes Eiden, cute things, and strange books.[6]


ID Name Rarity Type Class Character Image
Pure Machine Blade
N Wood Striker Blade
Mystic Humanoid Blade
R Water Striker Blade
E-Droid Blade
SR Light Striker Blade
Explosive Recall Blade
SSR Light Striker Blade
Idol Apprentice Blade
SSR Water Striker Blade
Lovable Enforcer Blade
SSR Wood Saboteur Blade
Crystal Awakening Blade
SSR Fire Striker Blade
Unique Mission Blade
SSR Dark Striker Blade


Blade's room
Blade's room
at Aster's mansion
Type Item name
Basic Bizarre Book
Intermediate Fluff Ball
Advanced Eiden Doll


The following is a list of default interaction and home quotes for the character. SR and SSR allies may have additional quotes. Along with battle and pull quotes, they are being listed on each ally page.


Type Quote(s)
Home dialogues
Darling~ I found a ton of super cute little flowers. Can I pin them in your hair? I see people doing it with the one they like all the time~
Of course you can... Eh? Right on the top of my head...? Haha, no matter, as long as you're happy~ Oh? You wanna pin those on too?
This one is super cute, that one is super cute too. Super cute flowers need a super cute darling~♪ Dar-la-la-la-ling ♪
Erm... Blade, I can't see where I'm going. And... is it just me, or is the stem of that flower moving...

Blade~ You there~? *sigh* I can't find him... I hope he's getting some rest...
Mission... still incomplete... Insufficient essence to continue mission... New strategy: disable self-repair functions; transfer all essence to battle functions...
Aster said Blade's been helping out around the mansion all day without any rest... He might be an e-droid, but I'm still worried he'll collapse from exhaustion...
(... A voice? Collapsing... from exhaustion... is a bad thing?... Re-evaluating mission protocol... Prioritize self-repair functions...)

Anniversary I used to use little rocks to count the days as I waited in the Dead Zone. By the end, they were piled up super high. And then I heard darling's voice... My chest felt so warm, and my feet just started moving on their own! Hmm... Could darling be the one I was waiting for all along?

Condition A[edit]

Type Quote(s)
Interaction on head I feel so happy... when you touch me like this~
Interaction on torso
  • Mmm... I read in a book... this area is super sensitive... feels so good...
  • Ah... is everything okay?
Interaction on limbs
  • Today I went to market with darling, and he ate tons of chocolate ice cream pies. I love seeing darling so happy... Ah, did I say that out loud? Ah well... back to writing~
  • Even if I'm not human, we can still be together every day... Yeah! Together forever!
  • La la la~ I read in a book that if you decorate your home with cute items, you'll be super happy every day~
  • This flower... and that vase... they're both so cute! But you're still the cutest, darling♡
  • Pull yourself together~ Didn't you promise to bring me new and exciting items? Remember, my standards are devilishly high! Hehe…
Home greetings
  • Darling~~
  • Hiya~
Eiden's birthday Nom nom nom.... I've eaten so many chocolate puddings! I'll definitely be darling's favorite flavor today.
Anniversary The books say a 'year' is a unit for measuring time. It reminds me of building a pile of rocks... These last two years together with darling, I've been so happy every day. I don't know what kind of rock I'll find tomorrow, but I know it'll be super cute!

Condition B[edit]

Type Quote(s)
Interaction on head What... is this sensation? It feels... pleasant.
Interaction on torso
  • This feeling... Is it related to essence fluctuations?
  • N-Not good... I need to make swift repairs...
Interaction on limbs
  • Is what Huey said true? Will I really acquire more 'feelings'?
  • Reveal the location of my target and you just might live.
  • Complete the mission at all costs. That's the only reason for my existence.
  • ... Please do not bother me with matters unrelated to my mission.
  • Missions are best carried out… alone…
Home greetings
  • Executing mission.
  • Who goes there?
Eiden's birthday Since this is an important day for you, it would not be unreasonable for me to fulfill any request you might have.
Anniversary Two years equates to precisely 730 days. I am unable to conclude the meaning behind the celebration of the 730th day, but I will record today’s but I will record today’s experience and… perform verification analysis on the 1095th day.


  • Blade's favourite place in Aster's mansion is the library.
    • He shares the same favourite place as Olivine
  • E-droid bodies will automatically maintain cleanliness.
  • Blade's sensitive spot is "Darling♡".
  • The number of Darlings (statues) that Blade makes will infinitely increase.
  • Fluff Balls do not eat each other. If there are no cute things around, they will journey in search of more.
  • Blade will wear whatever people give him and he will look good in anything.


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