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Stop it, stop it, you're too kind~ I just wanted to get as much money and power as possible, no need to praise me so highly.
— Aster
Biographical information
Birthday12 November (appearance age 16–18) (actual approx. age 100)
OriginKlein Continent
TerritoryLight Territory
General information
Release date24 February 2022
Voice actorKashiro Futo (鹿代 風斗)
In other languages
Traditional Chinese艾斯特 (Ài sī tè)
Simplified Chinese艾斯特 (Ài sī tè)
Japaneseエスター (Esutaa)
Korean에스터 (Eseuteo)

Aster (Chinese: 艾斯特 Ài sī tè) is a character in NU: carnival.


A familiar created by the Grand Sorcerer, Aster is a vampire who sucks blood to replenish his essence levels. As a merchant and businessman, he's been able to amass a huge fortune. His mansion located on the outskirts of the Royal Capital, previously used by Huey, has become the base of operations for the clan members as they provide assistance to the kingdom.[1]


A familiar created by Huey, Aster has been mixing with the nobles of the kingdom for decades, amassing a great fortune in order to allow Huey to operate freely within the kingdom. He owns a grand mansion on the outskirts of the kingdom that Huey and his clan members used as a base of operations.

With a love of all things mischievous, Aster can't help playing constant pranks on his innocent counterpart, Morvay. Eiden's sudden arrival piques Aster's curious heart. He's more than a little excited to see just what this shiny, new toy can do.

As a form of condensed essence himself, Aster's need for regular essence replenishment is high. Ever since Huey disappeared, Aster has got into the habit of refilling his essence levels by sucking blood. To Aster, there's nothing more delicious. However, since he knows Eiden isn't the biggest fan of this habit, he tries his best to keep his blood-sucking tendencies in check. Despite that, something tells me that Aster's been getting more than enough "satisfaction" since Eiden came along...[2]


Main Story[edit]


Aster, along with Morvay, summons Eiden to the Klein Continent.

Chapter 1[edit]

Aster realizes that Eiden is not the same person as Huey. After regulating Eiden's essence via sex, Aster notices his gemstone. Aster's pets try to attack Eiden, but Aster stops them.

Chapter 2[edit]

Aster explains to Eiden how essence functions, as well as the Klein Kingdom's governmental structure. When Eiden leaves the mansion to explore, Aster tails behind him. He notices Yakumo, and immediately realizes he is part of the gemstone clan. Dead Zone monsters attack the group, so Aster and Morvay fight back. Afterwards, Aster explains to Eiden the history of Huey's clan. Aster leaves Eiden in Yakumo's care for the night. The next day, Aster convinces Yakumo to move to his mansion.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Aster is 165cm tall, making him the shortest character so far. He has pink hair and pink eyes. The tips of his ears are pointy, he has the typical fangs of a vampire, and his nails are long, sharp, and painted red. He has the ability to shapeshift into a pink bat and also change the height and apparent age of his humanoid form at will.

His special skills include commerce and information trading. He likes social gatherings and sucking essence-filled blood.[3]


Aster is able to rewrite others' memories. [4]


ID Name Rarity Type Class Character Image
Tycoon Aster
N Fire Striker Aster
Vampire Aster
R Dark Striker Aster
Familiar Aster
SR Water Striker Aster

Scarlet Finesse Aster
SSR Light Saboteur Aster


Aster's mansion room
Type Item name
Basic Banquet Invite
Intermediate China Tea Set
Advanced Blood Bag


The following is a list of default interaction and home quotes for the character. SR and SSR allies may have additional quotes. Along with contract and battle quotes, they are being listed on each ally page.

Type Quote(s)
Interaction on head I promise I'll be a good little vampire~
Interaction on torso
  • Keep those naughty hands to yourself~
  • Heyyy... What kind of vampire do you think I am~
Interaction on limbs
  • Hehe, I just had a great idea~
  • Dessert time! Best time of the day!
  • Hmm, where should I take Momo today?~
  • Gah! Now I've gotta go clean up the mess that dumbass incubus made!
  • Mmm, blood… *slurp*! I just can't… get enough…
Home greetings
  • Master~~
  • Look! Over here!~
Home dialogues
Aster, just the familiar I've been looking for. Erm... I better apologize, I accidentally knocked the porcelain clock off my bedside table and one of the corners broke... If there's any way to fix it, please let me know!
Oh my~ That clock was an antique given to me by the previous king. The art of such intricate clock-making has long since died out, so it's worth a scary sum of money these days.
Huh!? So you're saying it's super valuable? I guess I shouldn't be surprised... But how am I ever gonna pay you back!?
Don't worry about that, Master~ The ability to exploit... bring out an individual's true worth is one of my many amazing talents ♡

Master~ Your little sweetheart needs comforting~ The noble I just met with was such an asshole! He made a ton of super unreasonable requests! No manners at all! *sob*~
I see... You really have it tough, Aster. Keeping this mansion in tip-top shape must be a real tall order. Is that noble pretty tough to deal with?
That little punk has no idea what he's getting himself into. But he's no issue. I just needed an excuse to cry on your shoulder, Master ♡
Eh!? So it's all good... Well, whatever the case, sounds like you need a big, warm hug!
Eiden's birthday Master Eiden~ Your sweet little Aster brings sweet little kisses~
  • At first, I felt super apologetic when we accidentally summoned Master Eiden to this world~ But just between you and me... In my heart, I'm so happy we brought him here.
  • Over the past two years, my businesses have flourished, and Master Eiden has been by my side the whole time. I get emotional just thinking about it~ Huh? I'm always bossing him around? It's not like that! He's just particularly susceptible to my charms, that's all~
  • Has it really been two years already? Haha, that must mean so much has happened during this time! I'm slowly learning to stop worrying about the future. After all, I have all these important and reliable people keeping me company, so what is there to be afraid of?


  • Aster has three pets named Bobo, Pipi, and Momo.[5]
  • Aster's favourite place in his mansion is his personal money vaults.
  • He prefers clothes with pretty, fancy designs and especially likes clothes with cute accessories.
  • He likes baths.
  • Sunshine has no negative effect on Aster.[6]


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