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Ascension, also known as star ranking, is one aspect of ally progression. Use coins and the corresponding Essence Fragments (and Crystal Core for the 5th ascension) to raise the star ranking of players allies. Certain passive skills can only be unlocked through ascensions, and battle skills can only be upgraded through ascensions.

Upgrade cost[edit]

270 Essence Fragments, up to 800,000 Coins, and up to 2 Crystal Cores are required to reach 5★.

Ascension Coins
Crystal Core
Ascend to 2★ N/R: 10,000
SR: 15,000
SSR: 20,000
30 0
Ascend to 3★ N/R: 50,000
SR: 55,000
SSR: 60,000
60 0
Ascend to 4★ N/R: 100,000
SR: 130,000
SSR: 180,000
90 0
Ascend to 5★ N/R: 240,000
SR: 400,000
SSR: 540,000
90 N/R: 0
SR: 1
SSR: 2

Content unlocks[edit]

Ascension Cumulative effect Unlocks
Ascend to 2★ +16.67% stats Ultimate Skill LV2,
Second intimacy rooms with scene (SR/SSR allies)
Ascend to 3★ +33.33% stats 3rd Ascension Passive,
Lv2 Exploration Skill (R allies),
Last intimacy rooms with scene (SR/SSR allies)
Ascend to 4★ +50.00% stats Ultimate Skill LV3
Ascend to 5★ +66.67% stats 5th Ascension Passive

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