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Icon of bond, one aspect of the progression

Allies can be raised to have higher stats and skills. The following is a list of what players can do to allies.

Level Up
Ally progression icons


Main article: Intimacy

Players can increase their bond with an ally by clearing intimacy rooms. Each time they clear a room, their bond will increase by 1 up to a maximum of 5.

Level Up[edit]

Main article: Level Up

Use coins and Holy Water to level up and strengthen players allies. The maximum level of their allies is limited by players current player level.


Main article: Ascension

Use coins and the corresponding Essence Fragments (and Crystal Core for the 5th ascension) to raise the star ranking of players allies. Certain passive skills can only be unlocked through ascensions, and battle skills can only be upgraded through ascensions.


Main article: Potential

Use coins and materials to unlock an ally's potential and raise his ATK and HP stats. Certain passive skills, like Potential Skills, can only be attained through unlocking potential.

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